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"A Fruitful Musical Life Has No Shortcut"

With the musical activities inspired by the Kodály method, AMS music lessons have never failed to bring the true understanding of musical reading on notation and rhythm (not only visually but as well as aurally) which lay a solid foundation for all AMS students.

The interactive, collaborative, and highly kinesthetic Kodály method of learning music was developed by Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály in the early 20th century. It combines several powerful techniques for developing the core skills of musicianship.


Professional Program

Designed by professionally trained music experts. Creating many prize winners and distinctions over decades of experience. 

Solid Foundation

Disciplined artistic guidance. With structured methods and precise practises, everybody could be a musician or an artist on their comfortable stage.

Cognitive Development

Music ignites all areas of child development and skills. Benefits such as improved health, builds character & confidence. (Right & Left Brain)

Artist-inspiring Environment

Providing a platform through our professional recitals experience for our young artists 

Our Lessons

Piano . Violin . Vocal

Junior Music Lessons (Beginner to ABRSM Grade 3)

AMS junior level music lessons works exceptionally well from the age of 4. The contented lessons mean to stimulate the full spectrum of the brain and utilize the full concentration of the young learners in the one-hour weekly lesson. With the musical activities inspired by the Kodály method, our fun and engaging courses always bring the true understanding of musical reading on notation and rhythm both visually and aurally which cultivate the musical interests as well as lay a solid foundation for all AMS students.

Intermediate Music Lessons (ABRSM Grade 4 to 5)

AMS Intermediate level music lessons focuses on consolidating the foundation knowledge and building up a short performance portfolio for AMS students. Solid technical training will be inserted into the programme. Students will be exposed to various styles of repertoire.

Through the past decade, AMS Intermediate course helped many who once lost interest in musical learning from the previous learning experience to reignite their passion. To have a fruitful musical life has no shortcut. True enjoyment of music learning always comes from the successful confident performances which act as a conclusion of how to put all the learnings into the application.

Advanced Music Lessons (ABRSM Grade 6 to 8)

Graduating from the AMS advanced level music lessons, meaning that the students are capable to self-taught any music up to Grade 8 level. AMS Advanced level music lessons leads to the completion of the basic musical knowledge of the instrument. Stamina building and short recital programme(s) building are the focusing area in the level. Advanced students will explore more composer repertoires ranging from Baroque period to 20th Century as a preparation for diploma course.

Diploma Music Lessons

There are three levels of AMS diploma level music lessons. We are preparing these level based on DipABRSM/ATCL, LRSM/LTCL and FRSM/FTCL. Lessons are tailored to individual students according to their goal and also learning pace.